3 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Your teeth can be a source of confidence or insecurity depending on how they look. Cosmetic dentistry is a way dental patients can improve the look of teeth along with their confidence in their smile. For cosmetic dentistry happy valley oregon residents can visit a professional in their area to receive one of several cosmetic services available. Let’s discuss 3 cosmetic dental procedures you can get to enhance the beauty of your smile.

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Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is one of the ways patients can improve the appearance of their teeth. Whitening solutions can be used in the office to instantly brighten teeth. You can also get whitening kits that allow you to get brighter teeth without sitting in the dental chair for 30 minutes or more. Formulas for whitening solutions can be customized, so even patients with sensitive teeth can get whitening done.


Braces enhance both the look and function of teeth by straightening teeth that are tilted or crooked and fixing the spacing in between teeth. Misalignment can be mild to severe, with patients suffering from a myriad of other dental issues caused by misalignment. It may take some time, but braces can beautify your smile and make keeping your teeth clean easier and more efficient.


Dental veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the visible portion of teeth. They can be made of several different materials, such as porcelain or composite resin, and match the look of your natural teeth. Veneers are versatile and can be used to cover stained teeth, fill in gaps between teeth, and hide teeth that are crooked or misshapen.

Your dentist may offer several more options for enhancing your smile. If you’d like to learn about how to make your teeth look gorgeous and healthy, visit your local dental professional.